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the physical tests in relations to the force of pull and push

this paper is a review of pull and push force and indicates that however they are the same but results are differently. for this reason when we pull the physical object it moves more bodily than tipping this position requires a key way for orthodontic treatment

Introduction In orthodontic therapy the use of latex elastic , coil spring , straight or arch-forms of wire with spring flexibility like NiTi, Multi strand,coaxial and so on are being used every day The aim of using these devices is to amend dental arch and occlusion.physics is also a study of what can cause an object to accelerate.that cause is a force,which is,loosely speaking,a push or pull on the object. Deformation does not occur vertically , horizontally or transversally unless the force is exerted on tooth or the bone itself . The author , by doing a set of tests, examines the forces of pull & push and surveys the results on the kind of movement As the point of force effect is always on top of the object, the movement should be in the form of Tipping , but the results are somehow different. Because, in treating orthodontic therapies we make use of push & pull forces , so a clear understanding of these would help reach the objectives and also boost the making and design of the orthodontic devices


abstract Experimented physical tests clearly showed that the push–force , under any circumstance , could not cause the full bodily physical replacement of the object and the physical object has always been tipping. But the pull- force , could , with the exception of three cases , always replace the object , on a high–frictional surface in bodily form . Experimental tests clearly show the high ability of bodily movement of the physical object by pull force


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